This site is for my speaking, training and educational services. If you need Social Media Services please visit the PMV Productions website.

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Speaking Topics and Audience

I speak on a number of topics, each has its own set of times and frequencies. My audiences range from one-on-one, to lecture style to boardroom execs. You tell me what the audience is and I will adjust.

Announce coming events

Got Followers? Why not? This question applies across the board. It applies to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest and others. ALL OF THEM! Let me help you get more of these. But first be ready to answer this question: "What business are you in?".

Q&A at various locations

Do you have questions on all this Social Madness, or just exactly what should your website contain. I will be at a variety of places on various days. Consults at these locations are free, although a beverage is always welcome...or maybe a snack. 

Spreadsheets, Excel, Google Sheets

We love the spreadsheet and it is often a major driver in our content delivery method. It is more than rows and columns of numbers. Let me show you how and why. 

Free Help Sessions/Topics

These times are subject to change. I will do my best to delete the event if it is not going on that day. All of these are on a first come first serve bases. If there are people in line times are limited, or may be made into group session.

No upcoming events.

Breakdown of Speaking Topics

CALL 480-326-7285 for APPOINTMENTS or questions

Curriculum Development

I taught for over twenty years often using my own developed exercises. The classes taught were CIS, MS Office. The focus was Word and Excel. I also taught HTML and CSS. All projects started with a clean, empty sheet of paper/screen. If you need specific training development materials please call so we can set up an appointment. 

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